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Some cases require appeals, whether you are the appealling party (Appellant) or the responding party (Respondent).  Andrew has experience working for the Court of Appeals in Columbia, South Carolina.  As a staff attorney with the court, Andrew reviewed briefs, motions, and records on appeal.  He also drafted memorandums, orders, and opinions for appellate judges.  Outside of his work for the court, Andrew has drafted briefs for cases pending in the Court of Appeals.

Appeals arise after a final decision in a case or after an appealable ruling (e.g., the dismissal of one defendant).  Alternatively, if you have settled your case or have otherwise agreed to a final decision–like settling at mediation–this is not appealable.  It is presumed that the parties agreed on the outcome, and these agreements are not appealable.

It is important to note that a strict time limit exists on your ability to file a Notice of Appeal.  So, if you are an attorney who wishes to speak about an appeal, or are an unrepresented party who wishes to discuss a potential appeal, please give Andrew a call today.  He is happy to discuss the potential merits of your appeal, regardless of whether jurisdiction rests in the Court of Appeals of the South Carolina Supreme Court.

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