Andrew loves his family, and we're sure you love your family, too.  Finding out that a loved one was not properly cared for is enraging.  Knowing that you have been paying that facility to care for your mom/dad/brother/sister makes the situation even more frustrating.

South Carolina nursing home abuse and neglect laws help our communities navigate the gray area of general negligence against employees of a nursing home and the physicians who improperly treat assisted living residents.  Andrew knows the laws and is here to help.


Doing what you can to keep the victim safe is of the utmost importance.  As a lawyer, Andrew has many arrows in his quiver to help right the wrongs that have already occurred, but your role as a family member brings the ability to move or protect the victim right now.  Let DHEC, DHHS, and the ombudsman know of your concerns and the incident that occurred.  Then meet with all decision-making family members and discuss the best next steps to keep your loved one safe, including speaking with an attorney if necessary.


The saddest nursing home injuries we see throughout South Carolina involve the repeated infliction of pain to an innocent person over an extended amount of time.  Sometimes, this results in the patients death.  It is sad and inexcusable.  Among these injuries are the following:

  • Bedsores (pressure ulcers)

  • Asphyxiation

  • Malnutrition

  • Improper Medication

  • Unexplained Injuries

  • Infections

  • Wrongful Death

Typically, these injuries occur because the nursing home, who likely lined the pockets of their owners and executives, chose to skimp on hiring qualified employees.  Or they saved money by failing to properly train employees.  Sometimes, the facility simply hires the bare minimum number of employees, leaving one nurse to bathe and care for a handful of patients at once.  Regardless of the reason, an innocent person's health is not worth less than a nursing home's bottom line.


Depending on the situation leading to the injury or wrongful death of the patient, one or numerous people may be liable, from the company who owns the nursing home, to the doctors, to the nurses, to the administration, to the building proprietor.  Andrew will develop the case after careful investigation and research, ensuring the wrongful parties are held accountable.


As mentioned above, make sure the proper authorities are informed of the situation.  If possible, ensure your loved one is moved from the situation that caused the problems.  We realize that sometimes this is impossible, due to either logistical or financial reasons.  Regardless, be sure to inform the current nursing home or assisted living facility of your concern and your knowledge of the instances that led to your family member's injuries.  First and foremost, the concern is for your loved one's well being.  Once this is ensured as much as possible, feel free to reach out to us.


Call or email Andrew today so that he can focus on the legal side of your case, allowing you to care for your injured family member.  Your interests lie more with the health and wellbeing of your relative: we understand that, and we encourage that.  Be sure your loved one is safe, and then give us a call to see if we can help.

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