A motorcycle wreck victim should be treated with the same respect and dignity as any other automobile wreck victim.  Sometimes, though, bike riders face a stigma that they are the ones who put themselves in danger.

Andrew knows that the easiest way to change this juror mindset is to fight with facts: did your motorcycle license exam ask, "Do you understand that you are the reason for any injuries that occur while you are on your motorcycle?"  No because it's untrue and irrelevant.

Every motorcycle rider I have had the pleasure of meeting, from drivers on I-26 in Lexington to I-95 in Orangeburg, has a bike because it is (1) freeing and (2) relaxing.  Having someone run a red light into you or switch lanes into your bike does not mean that at-fault driver is less liable.  You still deserve full recovery just like any other wreck plaintiff.


And . . . ?  You not wearing a helmet may have contributed to the extent of your injuries, but it isn't the reason for the injuries themselves.  If you did not wear a helmet, Andrew can help you try to work around this concern in his research of the facts and law, as well as his communication with adjusters and jurors.


The at-fault driver is responsible for your repair.  Take pictures of and evidence all loses, from your helmet, to your gloves and clothing, to any equipment you had on your motorcycle.  Any loss you sustained should be repaid by the person who caused the damage.



Pure and simple, the at-fault driver's liability insurance coverage should apply to your wreck.  Unfortunately, this coverage is sometimes too meager to pay for the damages you sustained.  You may have underinsured (UIM) coverage.  Even if you do not have UIM insurance coverage, there is a chance the insurance provider failed to give you the proper offer of this coverage.


Give us a call today to find out how to maximize your recovery.  Andrew will work to hold the wrongful party responsible and to discover any and all avenues of insurance coverage that apply to your case.

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