We all know someone who has been involved in a drunk driving wreck.  That is an unfortunate truth in today's world.  DUI cases mean a lot to Littlejohn Law because not only can we assist you–the victim–we can also help show the drunk driver (and other potential drunk drivers) that the civil punishment for such a reckless action will be severe.


Some wrecks are open and shut, and an attorney may not be needed.  Drunk driving cases include a driver under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, and other drugs.  These cases usually have ins and outs that require deeper consideration.  For example, when we represent clients hurt by drunk drivers, we make sure to dive deep into the testing done by the responding officers.  We request all videos and notes from the emergency responders.  We determine what insurance coverages exist.  We also track the movements of the at-fault driver prior to the wreck; it is important to determine whether another person or company is partly at fault for the driver's intoxication.

For these reasons, it is important to get us involved early.  We send a "spoliation" letter to all involved parties.  This letter puts the parties on notice that we demand no evidence be destroyed.  Later, this evidence may be used to help our case.


Andrew has seen bars over-serve patrons from Columbia to Greenville to Charleston.  While liability may rest on the drunk driver, bars also owe duties to the public.  Bars must not over-serve patrons, and must not serve an already intoxicated patron.  When bars do this, the risk to our community is high.  This type of liability is well known as a "dram shop" case.


In South Carolina, damages include the expenses you incur (e.g., medical bills and lost wages), non-economic effects of the injuries (e.g., not being able to do what you love), and punitive damages (monetarily punishing the wrongdoer).

Extensive law exists regarding these punitive damages in South Carolina DUI cases.  Punitive damages are meant to punish the at-fault party for their reckless conduct.  In drunk-driving cases, this amount may be high.

To fully explore the punitive damage value of your case, give Andrew a call today.  From preserving evidence, to obtaining full recovery for your claim, Andrew looks forward to helping you and deterring this wrongful conduct in our state.

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