This is not an easy topic to discuss.  Your loved one was killed at the hands of someone else.  You want to mourn.  You want to let out your emotions.  But you also want the wrongful party held accountable.  These are all valid feelings.

In law, wrongful death flows from the passing away of any individual due to another's wrongdoing.  This could be a car wreck in Greenville, a negligent doctor in Columbia, a hidden property danger in an Orangeburg gas station, or a drunk driver in Myrtle Beach.  If an innocent person died because another person broke the law, the deceased person and their family deserve justice.



We will help with your claim with the respect you, your deceased loved one, and your family deserves.  Andrew is happy to speak with you whenever you are emotionally ready: now is not always the right time.  Additionally, Andrew works with other area attorneys to ensure the estate is correctly and timely handled and that all settlements and verdicts flow into the hands of the proper surviving family members, either through survival or wrongful death claims. 

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