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Are Consumer Products Inherently Dangerous?

Imagine that you bought a product that poses a risk but did not include an adequate warning of the dangers. As a result, you suffer serious injuries, have medical bills, and cannot work. What can you do?

If a company manufactures a product that poses a risk, the firm must put warnings of the possible risks, usually with a warning label. However, if the product is inherently dangerous, it may not be enough just to put a warning label. A product liability issue can arise because of a defective or inherently dangerous product.

Even when manufactured correctly, an inherently dangerous product still has issues that make it dangerous to use. In some situations, the risks are high. An example of an inherently dangerous product is an SUV with a higher risk of flipping in a crash.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury by an inherently dangerous product, our product liability attorney at Littlejohn Law is here. Littlejohn Law can help you in Richland County, Allendale, Jasper, Orangeburg, and Hampton.

What Is Failure to Warn?

The manufacturer may put a warning sticker on the dangerous product. But the question is whether the warning was enough to warn the consumer of the inherent dangers. According to the law, an adequate warning makes it possible for the consumer to lower the risk of the product based on the warning provided. Conversely, if an inadequate warning makes the product unsafe, the manufacturer can be liable in a lawsuit.

In a failure to warn lawsuit, the following must typically be proven:

  1. The company made an inherently dangerous product.

  2. The product had possible side effects or risks that were known when the product was manufactured or distributed.

  3. The risks were a danger if the product was adequately or improperly used in a reasonably foreseeable way.

  4. The average consumer will not have known of these risks.

  5. The plaintiff suffered damages because of the lack of warning or insufficient warning.

Do You Need a Product Liability Attorney?

If a dangerous product injures you, navigating the South Carolina legal process requires a lawyer is difficult. These cases usually involve complex product liability laws and require you to stick to complicated legal procedures. Therefore, if a dangerous or inherently dangerous product has injured you, it is usually best to talk to a defective product attorney.

A lawyer who has handled dangerous product lawsuits before can quickly determine if you have a viable case. If not, they can recommend other legal solutions. Your lawyer also can explain how South Carolina laws can affect the case. Also, your product liability attorney can represent you during the legal process and represent your rights during a settlement negotiation or in court.

Speak to Our Columbia Personal Injury Attorney Today

If a consumer product that was inherently dangerous injured you, you can be entitled to compensation in a product liability lawsuit. Our product liability lawsuit attorney at Littlejohn Law in Columbia can help. Contact us now for a complimentary consultation.


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