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Be on the Lookout for Drunk Drivers around the Holidays

With the holidays come family, festivities, food, and fun, but along with all that comes increased drinking. Drunk driving spikes around the holidays, and drunk drivers are some of the most dangerous drivers out there. If you or someone you love is injured by a drunk driver this holiday season, don’t wait to consult with an experienced Columbia, South Carolina, drunk driving accident attorney.

Drunk Driving and the Holidays

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that while impaired drivers are always a primary safety concern, their numbers escalate during the holiday season. Consider the following statistics shared:

  • In a recent year, accidents involving drunk drivers left 10,511 people dead, which accounts for a full third of fatal crashes that year.

  • From Christmas to New Year’s that same year, 285 people were killed in accidents involving drunk drivers.

NHTSA reminds everyone that drunk driving is a choice and that these accidents are completely preventable.

Blood Alcohol Concentration

While even a small amount of alcohol can affect a motorist’s ability to handle a car safely, the law draws the line at .08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC). At this point, drivers begin to experience the following forms of dangerous impairment (according to NHTSA):

  1. A reduction in the ability to process the information necessary to drive safely, such as signal detection;

  2. Difficulty concentrating;

  3. Short-term memory loss;

  4. Impaired perceptions; and

  5. Decrease in ability to control vehicle’s speed.

Things only get more dangerous from here.

Your Losses

If you're injured by an irresponsible holiday reveler, not only are your own family's holidays dashed, but you can also face considerable losses, including:

  • Property damage to your vehicle and the contents therein

  • Medical expenses that may include costs related to future care

  • Lost earnings that may need to address lost earning potential

  • Your physical and emotional pain and suffering

In order to recover as completely as possible, it’s critical that your car accident claim clearly address every facet of covered loss you experience.

Your Attorney’s Role

Because your recovery is paramount, working closely with a dedicated drunk driving accident attorney is well advised for all the following primary reasons:

  • Your attorney will gather and compile all the available evidence into a strong claim that succinctly supports your position.

  • Your attorney will deftly negotiate with the involved insurance provider for a fair settlement that supports your recovery.

  • Your attorney will be well-prepared to take your case to trial in the face of less-than-fair practices on the part of the insurance company.

Turn to an Experienced Columbia, SC, Drunk Driving Accident Attorney for the Help You Need

Andrew Littlejohn Johnson at Littlejohn Law is an accomplished drunk driving accident attorney who proudly serves Columbia in Richland County along with Allendale, Jasper, Orangeburg, and Hampton, South Carolina. Andrew’s imposing practice focuses on skillfully advocating for the just compensation his clients need to regain their health and well-being, and he’s here for you, too. Learn more by contacting or calling us at 803-764-4099 today.


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