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  • Andrew Littlejohn Johnson

Columbia South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

What should you look for in a personal injury attorney? The answer is up to you, as well it should be. You are placing part of your life and livelihood into the hands of someone you probably did not know until recently.

A good start to finding the right lawyer is when you first speak with an attorney, have your questions and concerns ready to address with them. For example, if you have had an attorney previously who only updated you once every six months, and you are concerned about this, let the new attorney know. If you are unsure how a contingency case works, ask as many questions as you can until you fully understand the concept. Ask about the attorney's experience; has the attorney ever actually been to trial, or do they only settle cases? Finally, it is important that the attorney fits your personality and is someone you can trust with this impactful part of your life.

At Littlejohn Law, we find that the most important aspect between us and the client is trust. We trust the client to do what doctors say; we trust the client to keep us updated on treatment and be honest with us. In turn, the client trusts us to advise them on every aspect of the case; the client trusts us to do everything we can to maximize their recovery and make them whole. It is in this foundation of mutual trust that Andrew enjoys the relationships he develops with clients, both throughout the representation and after settlement/verdict.

Contact Us When You Are Ready

Andrew has experience settling and litigating South Carolina car wreck cases. He can help maximize your recovery to ensure you are made whole and to deter the at-fault driver from harming any other innocent people. If you are injured by another driver in South Carolina, please call or email us for a free consultation.


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