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  • Andrew Littlejohn Johnson

Should You Contact Us?

Most people are hesitant to contact a personal injury attorney. Whether it is a concern over the potential cost, the worry that they will be taken advantage of, or simply the unknown, we get it. Everyone has heard a horror story about a bad lawyer.

At Littlejohn Law, attorney Andrew Littlejohn Johnson never charges for an initial phone call. Additionally, Andrew is the person you will first speak with at our firm. It is our belief that we cannot properly evaluate your legal issue and tell your story unless Andrew is able to speak to you directly. Below is a flowchart that may help you determine whether call us is the right choice.

Feel free to contact us for your free and confidential consultation. Whether it is a Columbia medical malpractice claim, Orangeburg car wreck, Charleston wrongful death action, or Greenville brain injury case, Andrew is ready to help you and your family. We hope you never need us, but we are here if you do.


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