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Why Hire an Attorney

We are big believers in people handling their own claims when they are able. The first thing that most clients ask is what it costs for them to hire a personal injury attorney. South Carolina lawyer Andrew Littlejohn Johnson has the same response: "If we obtain no recovery in your case, you owe us nothing. Attorney’s fees in South Carolina personal injury cases are normally 33 percent pre-suit and 40 percent post-litigation; we normally use the same charging scale. However, we do not charge for paper, stamps, mileage, and the like."

The next question is usually, "Is it worth hiring an attorney in my case?" An attorney is not always needed. Sometimes, though, hiring an attorney will help your case and allow you to focus on solely recovery from your injuries.

How Littlejohn Law Adds Value

o Exposure: We determine what insurance coverage there is, what laws were broken, and what risks lay for the insurance company and the defendant.

o Economic Damages: We make sure to account for every penny that was charged for treatment, that may be charge for treatment in the future, that was spent by the client due to the defendant’s actions, was lost in wages, and that was lost in any other way that was caused by the defendant.

o Non-Economic Damages: In keeping an open and consistent line of communication with clients throughout the case, we ensure the client recovers money for every life impact caused by the defendant (from not getting good enough sleep, to not being able to walk, and so much more).

o Punitive Damages: We uncover any and every angle for punitive damages, which (1) allows us to help protect the public and (2) reimburses the client for the defendant’s reckless behavior.

o Ease of Process: We take the burden off of the client. The client needs only to (1) treat and (2) keep us updated on treatment and non-economic effects.

We cannot vouch for other attorneys or firms. That’s not to say there are no other good attorneys and firms in South Carolina. However, we know who we are and what we are about. Our mission statement is clear for a purpose.

South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

If you need representation, we are here by phone and email 24/7. If you aren’t sure whether you should hire an attorney, we are here. If you just have a question about your personal injury matter, we are here. As long as you are not currently represented by another attorney, we are here for you in a consultatory capacity.

Our community should work together for each other. This doesn’t mean signing up every case that comes into our firm. It means helping others based upon their needs as it relates to their claim. There will never be a day where our firm takes a case when the net to the client is less than it would have been if they had continued unrepresented. Feel free to reach out to Andrew when you are ready.


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