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  • Andrew Littlejohn Johnson

Wrongful Death Attorney - Upstate SC

Littlejohn Law LLC practices throughout the state of South Carolina, including the Upstate. We pride ourselves on caring for clients, getting the best available case outcome, and obtaining justice for the surviving family members. In wrongful death and survival cases, client care is a heightened necessity because the client has lost someone who that they truly cared for. It becomes our job to counsel, advise, and take burdens off of the client so that s/he can properly grieve.

Personal injury lawyer Andrew Littlejohn Johnson grew up in Greenwood, South Carolina, and has lived in or around Columbia, South Carolina since prior to attending law school. Littlejohn Law has cases all over the state of South Carolina, and we travel so our clients don’t have to.

Speak Directly with Attorney Andrew Johnson

Whether your loved one died due to a drunk driver in Spartanburg, a botched medical operation in Greenville, or an 18-wheeler wreck in Greenwood, call experienced personal injury attorney Andrew today for a free and confidential consultation. If your loved one was killed due to the wrongful actions of another, Andrew is here to talk when you are ready. We cannot bring back your loved one, but we can certainly do our best to show the value of their life.


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