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Hiring an Attorney

Thinking about hiring a personal injury attorney but don't know what to bring to the intake meeting? Let's play out the typical situation: I was injured in a car wreck in South Carolina, the car insurance company is sitting on its hands, I'm in pain, and I just want (1) my car fixed, (2) to feel better, (3) and the insurance company to pay me what it owes. These frustrations lead me to set up a meeting with an attorney.

If this is you, you're likely wondering what to bring to your first meeting. At Littlejohn Law, the more information we receive from the client at the beginning of the case, the quicker we are able to tackle crucial tasks and alleviate the client's stress.

In every case, be sure to bring a form of identification (license will suffice) and your health insurance card. If a minor or child is injured, the parent's and child's information and identification will be needed. The additional items you should bring (if in your possession) are dependent upon the type of case:

Automobile Accident

  • FR-10 (the preliminary accident report given to you by the responding officer)

  • pictures and videos of the wreck

  • pictures of your injuries

  • car repair estimate

  • medical records

  • medical images

  • correspondence from the automobile insurance companies

  • a copy of your car insurance policy (or access to it from a mobile app)

  • any notes you have regarding the insurance claim, your injuries, and the wreck

Medical Malpractice

  • a history of your medical background

  • medical records from immediately prior to the doctor's wrongdoing

  • medical records from the physician's botched treatment

  • medical records from after the doctor's malpractice

  • communication from the doctor's office

  • communication from any insurance company

  • pictures of your injuries

Products Liability

  • pictures of your injuries

  • the product itself (if feasible and safe)

  • pictures of the product

  • receipts from the purchase of the product

  • medical records

  • medical images

Wrongful Death

  • proof of appointment as personal representative of the estate

  • pictures of the injuries

  • reports from the incident that caused the death

  • medical records

  • medical images

  • coroner's or autopsy report

  • funeral expenses

  • death certificate

  • any estate documents from the court

Hiring Our Firm

If you would like to set up an initial meeting with Andrew, please give us a call. Once we become your attorney, we take as much stress away from you as possible. Your job becomes simple: focus on getting better and caring for yourself and family. Andrew and his firm will handle the rest of the case.

Our goal is to move cases as quickly as possible, maximize the amount of recovery each client receives, create a strong bond with each client, and help protect other South Carolinians.


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