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Brain Injury Checklist

Attorney Andrew Littlejohn Johnson has seen many brain injuries. Normally, the damage is the result of a South Carolina car wreck or slip and fall. At our initial meetings with clients who may have suffered a brain injury, we note important signs of damage to the brain. Also, as the case moves along, our clients keep notes of the negative effects of the car accident or other tort. This allows us to tell their story and create a narrative of what has happened over time due to the other person's wrongdoing.

If you think you may have suffered a brain injury, look at the below checklist and then see a physician who can properly treat you. If you are worried that someone you care about has suffered a brain injury, print the checklist (PDF below) and go over the symptoms with that individual.

If you want to focus on just getting better, give Andrew a call today so that we can take care of the legal side of your case. We are here for you and here to help.

Download PDF • 138KB


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