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Fall 2022 Newsletter

Littlejohn Law issues a quarterly newsletter (“Littlejohn Law’s The Brief”), updating our friends, former clients, and colleagues on happenings in our office and in law. Below is South Carolina personal injury attorney Andrew Littlejohn Johnson’s message from The Brief (Fall 2022).

A Message from Andrew

Client Matter

As the South Carolina weather cools down and people start to travel more for holidays, many Palmetto State residents find themselves in other cities and counties around the state. Although we are centrally located in Columbia, we likely can help if you have a case involving three things: (1) an injury (2) that occurred in South Carolina (3) due to another’s wrongful action or inaction.

Our current cases stretch from Greenville, to Rock Hill, to Orangeburg, to Myrtle Beach. Most people who call our office for the first time ask the same two questions: “Can you help me if I’m not in Columbia,” and, “What would I owe you?”

To the first question, not only can we help if you meet the three points above, we can also travel to you. Many clients have trouble traveling due to their injuries or work schedules. Luckily, our job is to help clients; therefore, traveling to you is part of our job.

In answering the second question, we work on a contingency basis. Most people have heard law firm advertisements that state, “If we don’t settle, you owe us nothing.” Well, that’s what a contingency matter is: our law firm’s recovery is contingent on the client’s recovery. Most cases range from 33% to 40% in attorney’s fees; however, each case and contract are different. If you have a potential case, call me: it costs nothing to simply speak with me. I love meeting and helping people.

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