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  • Andrew Littlejohn Johnson

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Littlejohn Law issues a quarterly newsletter (“Littlejohn Law’s The Brief”), updating our friends, former clients, and colleagues on happenings in our office and in law. Below is South Carolina personal injury attorney Andrew Littlejohn Johnson’s message from The Brief (Spring 2023).

A Message from Andrew


What is a “resolution”? In life, it’s an individual’s decision to do or not to do something that the individual has determined is necessary. However, at Littlejohn Law LLC, “resolution” means something different. It is our decision to do something necessary in a case—in conjunction with a client’s wishes—to obtain financial recovery for the wrongs committed against that client.

Money isn’t everything. However, when it comes to tort cases in South Carolina, there is no time machine to go back to when our client was healthy; there is no “eye for an eye” rule to force the at-fault party to suffer the same losses as our client. Instead, we are limited to recovering money in an amount that puts our client back in their original pre-incident position. We resolve to do everything legally possible to make each of our clients monetarily whole.

Resolutions are important to us, because they allow clients to close a negative chapter in their life by obtaining a positive result.We resolve not only to help each client get financial justice in their case, but also to care for each individual based upon their personal needs.We care for clients because we know they are coming to us with problems: they’ve been maimed in a car wreck, or lost a loved one after a doctor’s malpractice, or some other horrible situation.They need more than just an attorney looking for money: clients need counsel, advice, and the type of representation that creates a life-long relationship built upon trust.This is what we strive to provide.Consider this our enduring resolution.

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